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Packed with Electrolytes, Multivitamins, Milk Thistle

and DHM to help prevent hangovers. Cheers!

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You need this."


"The product is accurate,

the next day will be OK"


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"Tried and tested remedy

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No magic. Just science.

  • Speedy breakdown of toxins

    Too much alcohol overwhelms your liver, causing a buildup of Acetaldehyde (ACH), which contributes to that funky hangover feeling. We use safe, proven ingredients that help your liver function and get you out of the fog.

  • Hydrating electrolytes

    Chugging your favorite sports drink won’t catch your body up after a night out –– gym recovery and drinking recovery are two different things. Good Morning refuels your body with targeted electrolytes that rehydrate you for whatever comes next.

  • Replenishing vitamins and minerals

    Drinking steals your body’s top-performing vitamins, leaving you feeling less than stellar. Good Morning gives you back those key vitamins and minerals, plus milk thistle to battle inflammation so that you can keep on going, full speed ahead.

Clinically tested by the University of the Pacific

We are proud to announce the successful completion of an independent study to demonstrate that The Hangover Secret (our old product name) has proven positive benefits.

In an independent study (meaning, we didn't fund it, the university did the study themselves), volunteers were tested using the Acute Hangover Scale (AHS) and Acute Hangover Severity Scale (AHSS) validated tools.

And the result? 

“The Hangover Secret showed positive signals in the prevention of alcohol-induced hangovers, especially headaches.”

Natural Ingredients

Clinically proven formula to help support and protect your body from hangovers:


Packed with electrolytes to prevent dehydration and help rebalance the brain, heart, and body.

Milk Thistle

Enable your body to break down alcohol more efficiently with high-quality milk thistle and amino acids.


Dihydromyricetin can help reduce the symptoms of a hangover by decreasing the absorption + metabolism of alcohol.


Multivitamin and antioxidant super-blend helps with focus and energy by replenishing your body with vital nutrients.

People LOVE not being hungover

10,000+ Good Mornings and counting...

Sophie E

"This stuff is amazing. My husband and I drank wine from 4 pm - 12.... woke up at 8 literally feeling like a totally normal person. Used it another day after happy hour and the same thing! I woke up feeling like I hadn't drank the night before."

☑ Verified Customer


"I had like 6 or 7 glasses of wine last night and took this before going to bed. It definitely made me feel better the next day - way better than I normally would - but I didn't feel perfect"

☑ Verified Customer

Justin G

"Wow this product really blew me away and made me bounce back like I was still in college from a night of drinking. Very easy to use and you'll be able to have productive mornings the next day."

☑ Verified Customer

Jane Fritz

"This product has helped me so much! It's enabled me to entertain my clients at night and be able to get up early feeling great. I used to feel terrible going into work and my productivity was so low! Worth every cent!!! I keep telling everyone I know about this product!"

☑ Verified Customer

Jill V

"Wow! This product is absolutely amazing. From the flavor to feeling great in the morning, I wish this was around when I was in college. So many of my mornings have been saved to this gem, and I was able to get through work days after long happy hours & nights out."

☑ Verified Customer

Kristina C

"As I approach 40 with a an infant and a very active toddler. This product allows me to go out and celebrate all of these 40th birthday's and get up to properly take care of my children! I also researched all the ingredients and happy to see that it is all natural."

☑ Verified Customer