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You’re not yourself when you’re hungover. So wake up feeling fresh with a dose of Good Morning and get the relief you need.  

Our pharmacist-developed blend of electrolytes, milk thistle, DHM, and multivitamins offers preventative relief by hydrating, refueling, and detoxing your body after a night of drinking.

There is no magic cure to prevent hangovers but there are natural ways to support your body in dealing with alcohol. We harness the best-known ingredients of recent science to help support morning recovery.


All Natural Clinically Tested Ingredients

Milk Thisle

Support your liver with high-quality milk thistle and amino acids.


Packed with electrolytes to prevent dehydration


Dihydromyricetin can help reduce the symptoms of a hangover by decreasing the absorption + metabolism of alcohol


Our super-blend of multivitamin and antioxidant helps with focus and energy

Clinically tested by the University of the Pacific

We are proud to announce the successful completion of an independent study to demonstrate that The Hangover Secret (our old product name) has proven positive benefits.

In an independent study (meaning, we didn't fund it, the university did the study themselves), volunteers were tested using the Acute Hangover Scale (AHS) and Acute Hangover Severity Scale (AHSS) validated tools.

And the result? 

“The Hangover Secret showed positive signals in the prevention of alcohol-induced hangovers, especially headaches.”

USA Today

"Fed up of hangovers?

You need this."

LA Times

"The product is accurate,

the next day will be OK"


"A wedding day essential

for anyone at the party"


"Tried and tested remedy

for hangovers"