The Hangover Secret is now called Good Morning

New Name,
Same Great Formula,
Now in a Capsule.

After 5 years of helping 1000's of people balance out their social life with their home and work life, we are proud to present version 2.0 of our hangover preventative and a new name.

Good Morning is the same great formula everyone trusts to help with their hangovers, now with DHM added which one of the best-known ingredients of recent science to help support your body when drinking.



What's Changed?

Introducing DHM

We have added one new ingredient. DHM can help reduce the symptoms of a hangover by decreasing the absorption + metabolism of alcohol

Easier to take

Our customers LOVED the effectiveness, but not the taste. So our new capsule provides the same effective formula, its just easier to swallow.

Better Price

Our capsule product is over 50% cheaper per serving, meaning you get double the servings for the same price.

The feedback so far has been overwhelming!

Maisha P

"Worked like a charm! I had good energy the next day and no hangover! I will definitely order more!"

☑ Verified Customer

Laura M

"Oh boy. This stuff really works !! It is the greatest product I have found to help when I occasionally over serve myself! The next morning is so much clearer - I love it"

☑ Verified Customer

Amanda M

"I love this product. Like many others who have reviewed I suffer from unpredictable and catastrophic hangovers. I gave this a try when I went on a group ski vacation (late nights drinking and waking up early to ski) -I felt great every morning!

☑ Verified Customer

Joel H

"Wow! This stuff really works. I was skeptical at first, since I've tried many similar products with no luck. This was just what I needed after a strong night. Felt like I only had two drinks the next day."

☑ Verified Customer