We started this company to offer
natural and honest health supplements.

It all started with Hangovers, and whilst there is no magic cure, we knew we could find natural and healthy ways to support our body so we can enjoy our social lives without impacting our home and work lives.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry, Nick is well aware of all the false promises and wild claims most products have. Hell, you don't even need to work in the industry to know its full of magical sounding cures.

So our core belief is honesty, we want to be honest about what our products can do for you. There is no "CURE" for a hangover, our bodies are complex, and variables such as diet, biology, and alcohol tolerance can vary how we react to drinking alcohol.

And whilst we are being honest, if you're going to get white-girl wasted, you might be better off closing the curtains and ordering a pizza delivery the next day.

For our Good Morning product, we really hang our pride on two proof points.

1) Our independent, grant funded, peer-reviewed, clinical trial on humans. What does that mean? We didn't fund it, the University of the Pacific in California did, so the results are impartial. And "peer-reviewed"? Apparently that is a big deal in the medical world. (You can read the study here)

2) Honest feedback from our customers who typically report a 50-75% reduction in their symptoms when taken accordingly.

So thanks for stopping by. We are grateful for your time and for trusting us with your health, its the most important thing we have (aside from friends and family to drink with, of course).

Please drink reponsibly. Cheers!