Do hangover cures work?

It all started with looking for the best cure for hangovers.

Hangovers suck, especially when you get older. The anxiety, headaches and stomach pain that come with drinking alcohol can take away from all the fun.

So when Nick, a leading US pharmacist, was in medical school - he went about creating the perfect formula.

PharmD, BCPS

Meet Nick

As a student, Dr. Nowak tried multiple products and natural remedies to relieve a hangover, but they had minimal effect.

"I became obsessed with creating something that actually works and contains quality ingredients. Using my background in pharmacotherapy, my passion for entrepreneurship and the most up-to-date scientific literature, I continuously fine-tuned the formula. With no reliable product on the market, people tend to have their own hangover remedies with varying degrees of efficacy. My focus was to create the trusted and effective solutions, which is grounded in science"

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on providing healthy products that are honest about how they can help your body.

That means manufacturing our products in the USA at a FDA-registered, cGMP-certified and NSF-approved state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

It also means being open and transparent about what our products can and cannot do. There is no cure for a hangover, but our product was clinically tested, on humans, and shown to have "positive prevention of alcohol induced hangovers".

We are thankful for the people who trust in us to help support their lifestyle and health goals and welcome anyone to contact us should they have any questions.