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Does milk thistle help with hangovers?

by Brendon Chrus on Jan 05, 2022

Does milk thistle help with hangovers?

We have all experienced that feeling the next morning when ‘just a few drinks’ has suddenly turned into a lot more than you had planned and you have woken up to a pounding headache, a yucky tummy and feeling exhausted. Welcome to your hangover!

Hangovers happen as your blood alcohol level returns to zero, causing symptoms like fatigue, dry mouth, headaches, upset stomach, sensitivity to light, and trouble concentrating. 

But the question we are going to look at today is:

Does milk thistle help with hangovers?

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a prickly flowering plant that grows in warm climates.

Its active compounds are collectively known as silymarin (or silybin) and people have taken milk thistle (silybum marianum) for liver disorders, such as hepatitis and cirrhosis for centuries. 

Whilst no scientific evidence indicates that milk thistle treats or prevents hangover symptoms, small-scale lab studies suggest that silybin may help to protect the liver from alcohol damage by, for instance, reducing the effect of damaging molecules called ‘reactive oxygen species’, levels of which are boosted by alcohol.

However, if you’ve consumed excessive alcohol, acetaldehyde builds up because there’s not enough enzyme to deal with it. This increase in toxic chemicals is a major contributor to the nausea and headaches you feel the morning after.

Unfortunately there is no magic cure for a hangover, and once the damage is done, you are going to have to just rest and wait out the unpleasant feelings.

But you can help those fuzzy feelings in the morning, by taking The Hangover Secret before bed. 

How does The Hangover Secret work? 

Hangover Secret focuses on the three most crucial factors with our blend of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients.

Recover: A toxic metabolite called acetaldehyde (look it up) wreaks havoc on the body as well as the mind. This stage 5 clinger increases free radicals and is the main cause of a hangover. Our special blend supports the liver* and provides antioxidants to stabilize the free radicals.

Rehydrate: Stress disrupts the electrolyte balance, which disrupts our life. Our enhanced electrolyte blend includes Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium. This blend counterbalances to keep the system running at full speed.

Replenish: All those restroom breaks are causing more than dehydration. They are depleting your water-soluble B Vitamins. Vitamin depletion can make you feel ill and slow liver function.

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