Is there a cure for Hangovers? How do you prevent being hungover?
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Is there a cure for Hangovers? How do you prevent being hungover?

Generally speaking, there is not a cure for a hangover - once you have awoken from your night on the town and your body is tired, fatigued, dehydrated and anxious - there is little that can be done aside from rest and replenishing your body's vital nutrients to help support recovery.

Hangovers have a constellation of symptoms which is why we believe there is no FDA approved product on the market.  Once the damage is done from the night before then the emphasis becomes symptom management.  Hydrating the body to replace fluid from increased urinary frequency.  Replenishing vitamins used in the metabolic processes.  Eating a large breakfast to calm the tummy with eggs, which contains liver boosting L-Cysteine.  Resting the body to allow the natural detox process to take place while replacing the mediocre sleep from the night before.

But there are ways to help prevent hangovers from happening in the first place.  The obvious one is to not drink which we highly suggest; however, if you choose to indulge then taking steps to prevent a hangover is clearly better than trying to treat a hangover.

The first step towards minimizing a hangover is drink choice with an emphasis on quality low congener products. Generally speaking the clearer the drink the fewer congeners. So think twice before ordering that hoppy IPA or the sugary colorful mixed drink.

The second consideration is quantity over time.  Spacing drinks out allows your body to naturally prevent a bottleneck within the liver.  Too much alcohol too quickly overwhelms your liver, causing a buildup of Acetaldehyde (ACH), which contributes to that funky hangover feeling. 

There is no FDA approved cure for a hangover but The Hangover Secret uses all natural, safe, proven ingredients to help replenish and rehydrate your body while decreasing inflammation so you can get out of the fog.  Best taken before bedtime.

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